Claire Carré (Director Embers):

"... I am SOOO HAPPY with the score... Kimberly and Shawn are amazing musicians and collaborators."


Charles Spano (Producer Embers):

"... we have said it before, but Claire and I are so happy with the amazing music Kimberly and Shawn composed for Embers, and their immense dedication to the project. They  are awesome!"


Bari Kang (Director Lucky):

"... Kimberly and Shawn are very talented composers and overall awesome people who are truly committed to making the best score... they have been a pleasure to work with."


 Matthew Caron (Editor Vice Films and KEEN):

“Kimberly and Shawn are talented and easy to work with and their prices are great ... I'd like to collaborate with them again in the future when I need exclusive music that is tailored for our brand."


Cindy Wonderful (Recording Artist/ Performer Scream Club):

"...(Shawn Parke produced) ' And You Belong', is the best song I have ever recorded... he really makes some fat, fat sonic beats... I sincerely think Shawn is one of the most talented producers I have ever worked with."


Jeff Osborn (Digital Marketing Specialist - yourworkethic.com):

“...Truly professional material and people - I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality music and exceptional service..."