"...One of this year’s most intriguing scores..." 

TOP 10 Film scores of 2016 - Richard Allen - a closer listen.com


"...[embers] makes masterful use of the duo’s compositions, utilizing their enveloping sound..."

Jason Woodbury - aquariumdrunkard.com

"...the main thing holding the film together past theme is the remarkable score from Kimberly Henninger and Shawn Parke... the musical score easily conjures up the beautiful and desolate landscapes from Carré the distinctive post-apocalyptic vision." 



"excitingly brilliant... a nuanced, multi-faceted electronic collection that achieves both film-complementary and stand-alone storytelling.”

Aaron Vehling - vehlinggo.com

"...the film’s elegantly spare score, composed by Kimberly Henninger and Shawn Parke, ties the absent-minded masses together – falling into step with the film’s light, narrative touch while managing somehow to sound like a bit like remembering itself. Crushing in on some of the film’s most stirring scenes while allowing others to play out in haunting silence, for a film about forgetting, Henninger and Parke’s work is nonetheless incredibly memorable."

Aubrey Page - Collider.com


"...the score (by Kimberly Henninger and Shawn Parke) is evocative"

MARK TAPIO KINES - cassavafilms.com

“a polished score augmenting the atmosphere rather than manipulating...”

Jared Mobarak - the filmstage.com


“...  impressive direction, excellent performances and an excellent score by Kimberly Henninger and Shawn Parke, result in a powerful, thoughtful and moving work of science-fiction that engages the head and the heart.” 

Jonothan Hatfull - SciFi Now Magazine UK

".... the subtle yet magnificent music by Kimberly Henninger and Shawn Parke, which swirls and builds throughout, helps create a really great sense of atmosphere. "

Sam Morton - Reelreviewdude


“...  their score is part and parcel of Embers’s particular ‘end of the world, ’ neither reveling in the destruction nor running away from it. Rife with familiarity, Embers’s music becomes an intrinsic piece of a humbling story, one of memory and its essential importance to everything we know to be true.” 

David Klien - PopOptiq

“[The score creates] ...the vibe of a lucid dreamlike state as characters wander the wasteland in a search for purpose.... an incredibly realized atmosphere.”  

Robert Kojder - Flickering Myth


"...a mixture of manipulated found sounds, orchestral cues, and other minimal sounds, drawn out over space and time like glass or ‘ice’ clinking, and then reverberating across a wide open landscape." 

Iain Wilson - FOTW Audio Productions AU


"...Gritty, raw and all about the fight... The original score by [Henninger and Parke] is a dark and melodic journey felt with every note. Reminiscent of the soundtrack of 'Thief' by Tangerine Dream the music amplifies the gritty tone of Lucky.”